Hey, I'm Leslie, self-described farm nosh junkie and pickle fanatic.  Years ago, I read Rachel Carson's book, Silent Spring, and my entire perspective about the food at the end of my fork changed.  I began questioning where my food came from and devouring any information I could get my hands on about our local food system.  I am incredibly passionate about celebrating real food grown by small, family farms and discovering a new lifestyle that is based on an authentic connection from farm to fork.  I am constantly discovering new information about our food system and trying to shine a spotlight on those that are building an alternative local food economy within our communities.  It is an delicious lifestyle commitment that involves navigating a world of misleading marketing, finding practical ways to support small, sustainable farms and discovering real ways to prepare traditional foods.  It is so exciting to discover new flavors and varieties that were grown with intention by local farms within our communities and be able to experience these organic connections through food.  I understand life can be busy and so the whole reason behind Forkin' Real Food is have an honest conversation about real food and the impact it can have on our lives.




What you will find at Forkin' Real Food


The intention of this space is to celebrate real food in a real way with honest information that will help you to connect with the food that you eat.  There are some incredibly talented farmers, artisans and producers within our communities that are changing the way we eat and creating a new understanding about the origin of our food.  I want to encourage a conversation about their efforts and create a space that is free from misleading marketing labels and false narratives. Based on a traditional diet of whole foods, I believe that our communities can support a sustainable food system that provides a deep connection to the food that is grown within the region.  Real food is a lifestyle and it is forkin' delicious.



No, really... I love to talk about food!

Feel free to reach out with any comments, questions, concerns... anything really.  I want the community to connect through real food and the whole idea behind this space is to start a conversation about where our food is coming from.  So let me know what you think :)

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